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Spartagen XT™

Serving Size: 1 capsule, twice daily.

Robust Vitamin D with Vitamin B6 and Magnesium may help support your testosterone production and support your vigor and energy. This blend complements the science and wisdom of a few rediscovered ingredients brought together in a unique way: a Proprietary Testosterone Activation Stack and a Sex Drive Amplification Matrix. These ingredients may help support your sex drive, increase free testosterone and promote stamina.

The Testosterone Activation Stack brings together Tongkat Ali 100:1 Extract, and Tribulus Extract tested to have a minimum 60% saponins and 20% protodioscin to support testosterone production. The Sex Drive Amplification Matrix brings together the ancient wisdom of a few cultures in a unique way to support your healthy free testosterone.

How can you help your Sex Drive and increase your Free Testosterone? Spartagen XT™ was designed with the philosophy that your Free Testosterone needs more and more support as you age. Poor diet, less exercise, and more stress, may all contribute to limiting your body's ability to create free testosterone. Spartagen XT™ brings together vitamins and minerals with a proprietary testosterone activation stack and a sex drive amplification matrix which may invigorate your testosterone production.

Yes, it works! One of the main ingredients in Spartagen XT™ is Vitamin D. Vitamin D support your body’s natural testosterone production through a receptor, and a suite of metabolizing enzymes. When the receptor has its stimulation impaired, its been shown in studies to impair gonadal sufficiency - the body’s natural sex organ function. And the enzymes - they influence the production of testosterone itself. So Spartagen XT™ may help support your testosterone.

Spartagen XT™ also gives you Magnesium. Feeling younger is about having the energy to act - especially in the bedroom. Magnesium helps your body make energy, and this is why we sought to have magnesium in our supplement.

Why is Testosterone important? Testosterone is a hormone that shapes your muscle, your brains, and your sex organs. It contributes to muscle, fat, and bone development and may even influence the circulatory system. Testosterone production typically decreases over a man’s life a part of the aging process. Without testosterone, you may lose your sex drive, experience erectile dysfunction, feel depressed and have difficulty concentrating. Spartagen XT™ was designed to encourage your body to produce as much free testosterone as possible.

Suggested Use: Adults: 2 capsules, once daily.

Spartagen XT™ comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee!