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Approaching Systems

This is a fact, and not hype...When a man begins to increase his testosterone, he begins to transform into a more powerful, dominant man. Social interactions seem to flow better, opportunities appear out of thin air (almost like magic) and you will have much more persuasive power with the people in your life...

...And just like a brand new computer with a faster processor, more memory and a supercharged graphics card that allows you to run more powerful, impressive software applications... The confidence you get from Spartagen XT will allow you to use more powerful techniques for approaching and talking to women... So naturally... You're Gonna Need Next-Generation 'Attraction Software' To Go With It... You're going to need the Attraction Code Audio CDs.

With this set of CDs you'll be able to have the background constantly, the coaching expertise of Vin DiCarlo.

"The Code" Approaching System #1: The "Powerful And Playful" Approach

Make Her Laugh And She'll Be Yours -- My coaches Matt and Chris Heart sat down and laid out their best techniques for approaching women. Between Matt's friendly and playful sexuality and Chris' fun-and-crazy personality, there are some gold-nuggets in this module worth smacking your mother for. (And, if you've ever heard Matt and Chris have a conversation... You know that line fits in, perfectly) In The "The Code" Approaching System #1, you're gonna discover...

  • HOW TO MAKE A WOMAN LAUGH without trying. This tiny technique works like a charm, to make her giggle! (And here's a secret: A woman's laughing chemicals are the same as her orgasm chemicals!)
  • THE RIGHT VIBE, EVERY TIME! Lets a woman know you're great in the sack, before you even open your mouth! (You'll be shocked at how fast a woman judges you. Make a great first impression...)
  • And much, MUCH more!

"The Code" Approaching System #2: The "Undercover Rockstar" Method

Here's How To Live Like A Rockstar Complete With Piles Of Women... -- I also had my trainer Orleans sit down and reveal his brand-new "Rockstar Emulation" system. So I asked the questions that needed to be asked, and got him to spill-the-beans on how to be seen as a rockstar while still being smooth and genuine. The tricks you'll pick up on this recording are invaluable, and will instantly change how you see "the perception of status", forever. In "The Code" Approaching System #2, you're gonna discover...

  • HOW TO SPIKE HER ATTRACTION IN SECONDS and give off a 'celebrity' vibe, even if you're just an Average Joe. It's all about your body language, and the way you hold your hips! (HINT: Push your hips slightly forward, when you walk. Then, try this opening 'line'...)
  • BODYLANGUAGE THAT OWNS THE ROOM! Try acting like this famous type of guy to get women to notice you! (They'll smell 'stage confidence' on you, even if you work behind a desk all day...)
  • And much, MUCH more!

"The Code" Approaching System #3: Dominance Personified

Here's How To Create A Sexual Vibe And Sexual Tension With Every Woman You Meet... -- This interview was by far my favorite. I sat down with my head coach Brian and not only interviewed him... I also revealed my own opening system, and how I meet women every day. Normally, I would leave it at that, but Brian revealed his dominant system and way of thinking about opening which is so powerful, it left me speechless.

In "The Code" Approaching System #3, you're gonna discover...

  • THE EASIEST WAY TO GET PHYSICAL IN 20 MINUTES OR LESS Use this type of opening line - (which is simple enough to make up, on the spot) to get her hooked, attracted, and AROUSED in seconds! (You'll go through tons of condoms, using this strategy...)
  • COMPLIMENT HER BODY IN A GENUINE WAY The single most important thing you NEED to know about complimenting a woman's body! (HINT: Be specific! But avoid these 3 killer mistakes...)
  • WHAT DOES YOUR BODY LANGUAGE SAY? Does it tell her you're sexy? Nervous? Horny? None of the above? Make this shift to your MIND and your body will follow... (This takes only seconds, and you'll use it for hours and hours of success with women...)
  • ...And much, MUCH more!

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